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Why Paradise

  Paradise Cables Other Cable Company
Online Nitrogen Dry Curing Method We are first who introduced this method and the advantages are:
Wires/Cables become 100% water molecule free.
200-300 more heat resistant.
Capable for conducting more electricity.
Much more durable
Much more safe.
Traditional Water Curing System
Ensure the copper purity 99.99% The copper/Aluminium used for electrical conductors are drawn from electrically refined imported cathode/ingots in the factory of Paradise Metallurgical Complex Ltd. And other very high quality raw materials imported from developed country. Most are using Scrap copper from local and foreign sources.
Compact Cables It’s a modern technology only followed by us. Benefits are:
Recover air gap.
Increase heat absorbed capacity.
No risk of short circuit.
High conductivity.
H.T. XLPE Cables We are the first manufacturing of XLPE insulated cables in bangladesh with screen/without screen and unarmoured/armoured as per IEC 60502 up to 33kv system voltage using triple head extrusion process(inner screen,conductor screen,insulation XLPE),outer screen) couples with self diameter and anile controlled device SIKORA the world class German Technology. Most are using Single head extrusion process
Vertical System We are also first in this system and the benefits are:
Appropriate centering of conductor maintaining by this process. Accurate adjustment and tie of copper and insulation.
Horizontal System
Wide Product range PVC Insulated Flexible Cables.
PVC XLPE Insulated PVC sheathed control and power cables with or without armour for LT circuits up to 600/1000 voltage grade.
XLPE Insulated, PVC Sheathed power cables for H.T Circuit up to 33kv. Special Cables with copper braided shields and Poly Aluminium type shields for application in sensitive electronic circuits.
There Product range is limited
First ISO recipient Cables manufacturing Company PVC Insulated Flexible Cables.
In Bangladesh first ISO is awarded by Paradise Cables Ltd by International Standardization Company MOODY UKAS & KEMA KEUR Can able to produce FRLS (Fire resistant Low Smoke) insulated Cables. Note: PVC + Other chemical=FRLS insulation materials.
Other are the followers
FRLS Can able to produce FRLS (Fire resistant Low Smoke) insulated Cables. Note: PVC + Other chemical=FRLS insulation materials. Traditional
High Voltage Impulse Testing Equipment High Voltage Impulse Generator Machine, testing equipment to measure the strength of insulation procured from Germany. Paradise is only company who imported such sophisticated testing equipment to produce quality product. Do not have such testing equipment.
Efficient production engineering Production team equipped with a set of efficient and professional engineers headed by Ex. Managing Director of Eastern Cables Ltd and BUET experts. Traditional Production Team.