Paradise Cables Ltd.


“Its state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments and advanced engineering technology enables to produce a wide range of products to meet all industry standards and satisfy customer needs and demand.”

-­­­­ Mr. Parvez Ahammad Faruque, General Manager (SCM-RFL & CS), Pran Group

“Paradise Cable means special attention, free engineering and technical support with fast delivery.”

-­­­­ Engr. A.N.M. Mizanur Rahman, Manager Procurement & Planning, Square Knit Fabrics

“Paradise Cable has established their brand by its quality and services, after getting international certificate like BASEC, now it is a pioneer Cable Manufacturer in Bangladesh and by exporting in Middle East and Europe it contributes GDP growth into the national economy.”

-­­­­­­­­ Engr. Md. Shahnowaz Bhuiyan General Manger (Technical), Shanin Group

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