• It is one of the largest concerns of Paradise Group having unique facilities to produce Aluminum Conductors like ACSR, AAC, AAAC, both bare and insulated. SBS Cables also has ample facilities to produce Domestic and Power Cables as per National and International standards. It has been contributing significantly to the Power Sectors of Bangladesh since its inception in 2002.

  • Paradise Metallurgical Complex Limited occupies a significant space in Paradise Group. It is a backward-linkage installation for both Paradise Cables Limited and SBS Cables Limited. The organization produces high quality Copper rod of 8mm, using electrolytically refined and oxygen free Copper Cathode of 99.99% purity. PMCL also produces 9.5mm diameter Aluminum rod out of 99.7% pure Aluminum ingots.

  • It is a prestigious concern of Paradise Group. It is equipped with 100% computerized machines like REITER of Switzerland, Auto Cones of Germany and foreign fiber detectors. The laboratory testing equipment such as the USTER TESTER 4SX ensures contamination free high quality yarn complying 5% US standard. It is the first of its kind in Bangladesh and is 100% export oriented.

  • It is an export-oriented unit of Paradise Group. It manufactures ready-made garment products such as Jogging Suits, Jackets, Long Pants, Shorts Padding Jackets and Windbreaker jackets. Paradise Fashions Ltd exports its products to the United States, Germany, Canada and Japan to name a few.

  • Saleha Wires Limited is another export-oriented subsidiary concern of Paradise Group. It primarily manufactures cables and wires that are exported to various countries, in Europe and the Middle East. It is expected to go into commercial operation shortly.

  • It is an export-oriented Garments Industry located in Santinagar, Dhaka. It produces Jogging Suits, Jackets, Long Pants, Shorts, Padding Jackets, Dresses, Vest, Windbreaker and Polo/Basic T-shirt. These products are exported to USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Japan and Turkey.

  • It is another subsidiary business of Paradise Group that is located in Narayangonj. Its products are Jogging Suits, Jackets, Long Pants, Shorts, Padding Jackets, Dresses, Vest and Windbreaker. The products are exported to USA, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Turkey and some other countries.

  • Against the emerging back drop under urban outlook & life style, Paradise Properties Ltd is a promising sister concern of Paradise Group having already marked its success as one of the distinct Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh. The Company has successfully come up to the present state through meticulous management and effective client satisfaction. Paradise Properties Ltd started its journey by constructing and successfully handing over the fifteen-storied commercial building “Paradise Tower” located in Uttara, Dhaka.

  • Orange Network Ltd is another concern of Paradise Group. The first Bangladeshi mobile company to put user experience and innovation as first priority – promising to bring radical changes in the rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem of the country. Formed in Jan 2012, Orange Networks thrives on introducing innovative cell phone variants to cater the different user clusters – and upgrade the user experience of mobile phone users regardless of the price. Having a manufacturing partnership with one of the leading Chinese cell phone makers Opsson Technologies Co Ltd. – Orange Networks has partnered with a company which puts Research and Innovation first and is reputed of making mobile handsets of the highest standard.

  • Paradise Marketing Limited is a Chain retail business carrying all kinds of electrical goods which includes equipments and accessories such as Electrical Generator, Weighing Scale, Electric Ceiling Fan, Motor Vehicles and other consumer electronic goods.

  • Paradise Telecom Limited is an Organization dedicated to carry International and local interoperated traffic through Interconnection Exchange (ICX). It will be treated as large scale industry as per Industrial Policy 1999 of the Government of Bangladesh.

  • In 2014 marks the starting signal for the PEEIL success story: Paradise Group launches a new enterprise “Paradise Electric & Electronics Industries Ltd. (PEEIL)”. This year officially we inaugurated the first own manufacturing plant in Tengra, Mulaid, Sreepur for electronics goods.

    We started our journey by manufacturing “Paradise Fan” in two sizes ie, 48” and 56”in 2014. Soon after it will make a huge impact and create a tremendous market demand for its uncompromised quality and standard. Then we bring “Paradise Remote”. Through this magical remote, anyone can turn on/off of 2 Lights and 1 Fan including its speed control also. We are the first of its kind, who brings this in local market. Now we are going to manufacturing “Paradise Spark”- CFL and “Paradise Enviro” – LED Light.