• Paradise Cables Limited: Symbol of Quality

    Paradise group is one of the leading and well reputed groups of companies in Bangladesh. Paradise Cables Limited is the major concern of this group. The company is involved in various sectors contributing a significant role to develop the economy of Bangladesh. The factory is located at Fatullah, Narayanganj popularly known as the ‘Dandy’ of the East.

    With the vision to make life better, since 1989 Paradise Cables Limited is manufacturing cables using electrolytically refined copper cathode of 99.99% purity and playing a vital role in upgrading life of peoples. The company as the name implies is dedicated to manufacturing of all kinds of electrical cables and aluminium conductors. There is no denying the fact that discovery of electricity of electricity is the blessing of modern civilization. But due to improper utilization, electricity could harmfully effect to life and property. To ensure maximum utilization of energy the company produces cables of domestic and industrial use including copper conductor (bare & insulated) and also produces High Tension (HT) cables from up to 33kv.

    The quality commitment begins with selection of raw materials, manufacture of rod that passed through vigorous quality assurance programs of highly graded international manufacturers. Statistical process control is utilized in the drawing, annealing, stranding and extrusion lines.

    All cables in full length are tested as per German standard (VDE 0271 & 0250) test requirement. In addition to that PCL manufactures XLPE insulated cables with/without screen and armoured/unarmoured as per IEC 60502-1/2 (International Electrochemical Commission). The quality control techniques are of international standards following standard testing procedures under the guidance of experience cables testing engineers. In recognition to Internatoinal Quality Management, Paradise Cables Limited received ISO 9002 accreditation in early 1998, the first cables manufacturing company in Bangladesh. In 2002 Paradise Cables Limited was awarded with the latest version of ISO 9001:2008 certification, and in 2018 the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

    Advanced Technologies Used By Paradise Cables


    Catenary Continuous Vulcanization Line (CCV Line)

    To move with time and face the global free market challenge Paradise Cables Limited has installed Catenary Curing Vulcanizing (CCV) line, the latest technology of cables manufacturing in the world. It is the first of its kind in Bangladesh. The process employs dry nitrogen gas of 99.8% pure for online curing of XLPE insulation. During insulation and curing no human touch comes into play ensuring contamination free cross linking of Ploy-Ethylene, Paradise Cables Limited clearly possesses status of a pioneer for having such technology. Fundamental advantages of online Nitrogen Dry Curing method over traditional hot water curing are:

    1. Cables become 100% water molecule free
    2. 20-30 degree more heat resistant
    3. Capable of conducting more electricity
    4. Much more durable
    5. Much more safe

    Modern Testing Equipments :

    To keep pace with growing quality compliance demand Paradise Cables has installed a laboratory equipped with most modern and sophisticated machines and apparatus to establish physical, mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of raw materials and products. The PCL laboratory has incorporated with following modern essential equipments: computerized tensile machine, Kelvin Double Bridge Resistance Machine, Million Meg. Ohm Meter, Torshon Machine, Digital Electronic Balance, Carbon Black Test Apparatus, Hot/ Cold Water Bath, Solvent Extraction Test Apparatus.

    The laboratory performs the task of ensuring the quality of the products and for the successful completion of this task the in house laboratory facilities have been made unique with inclusion of Hypotonic USA and test equipment. It conducts test like Partial Discharge Test, Resonance High Voltage Test, Heat Load Cycle Test, and High Voltage Test for Dielectric Strength of Insulation. The laboratory also possesses Impulse Generator for high voltage testing. The insulation of cables with PVC at present is gradually being replaced by XLPE (Cross Linked Poly Ethylene) a thermosetting compound. To confirm cross linking of XLPE compound a special test namely the Hot Set Test is performed to assess the behavior of insulation.

    Products are tested by:

    1. BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute)
    2. BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology)
    3. CPRI (Central Power Research Institute, India)
    4. BSI (British Standards Institution)

    It is worth mentioning that Paradise Cables Limited has ensured safe flow of electricity from power plants throughout Bangladesh. Copper is the heart of conducting electricity. Wires and cables made from used and impure copper cause damage to life and properties. Paradise Cables Limited produces wires and cables with 99.99% pure copper. It never compromises the quality of the raw materials as well as the products. Paradise Metallurgical Complex Limited, a sister concern of Paradise cables Limited is producing high quality copper rod using electrolytically refined copper cathode in order to obtain the highest degree of purity up to 99.99%. It is a backward linkage installation for producing Aluminum rod from Aluminum ingot of highest purity. Its products are used by both PCL and SBS Limited, another worthy sister concern having huge in house facilities to produce Aluminum conductors mainly ACSR, AAC, AAAC both bare and insulated. The products of PCL are used by power sectors like DESA, DESCO and particularly PDB, REB for transmission and distribution of power throughout the country. It earns huge foreign exchange by exporting products through participating in tenders.

    Product Range:

    • Domestic Cable (Sheathed / Non Sheathed)
    • XLPE / PVC/ FR/ FRLS / Cables
    • Power Cables - Armoured/ Unarmoured
    • High Tension Cables- up to 33 KV
    • Telecommunication Cable
    • AAC, ACSR & AAAC conductors
    • Duplex & Quadruplex Cable
    • Coaxial Cable
    • Copper Conductor (Bare & Insulated)
    • Welding Cable
    • Special type of Cables on demand

    The quality of the products is the strength of Paradise Cables Limited. Competitive price, availability and caring customer service have made PCL products extremely popular. 3D multi color sticker always ensures the original products of PCL. As a result PCL is enjoying remarkable segment of market share at this moment. Above 1000 professionally competent people work all over the country. Sales activities of the company are executed through 40 individual branch offices and retail outlets. More than fifteen hundred dealers are functioning effectively and efficiently in every part of the country.

    Paradise cables Limited is dedicated to gain full satisfaction of customers. The company works with close ties with customer to know their exact requirement. The technical staffs are always available to attend any query or to assist the customer in determining their specific requirements. The company always maintain adequate stock of cables and wires to ensure on-time supply whenever requires by the customers. Various Government, Semi-government, private and foreign organizations are using Paradise Brand Cables with upmost satisfaction throughout the Bangladesh.

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