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About Us

Paradise Cables Limited as the name implies, is dedicated to manufacturing of electrical (copper/aluminium) cables of both PVC and XLPE insulated as well as aluminium conductors. It came into being by launching its products in 1989. By now, it has emerged as a prestigious and top ranking cable manufacturing industry of Bangladesh. It is a professionally managed organization coupled with latest technologies for cable production.

Our product mix is huge and the product ranges from house wiring cables up to and including medium voltage cables of 36KV and Aluminium Conductors up to 132KV. We also produce all types of Telecommunication, Electronic and Instrumentation Cables.

Paradise Cables is the pioneer of CCV (Catenary curing and Vulcanizing) with on-line Nitrogen dry curing plant in Bangladesh. We follow the standards like IEC, ASTM, BS, VDE, BDS etc. for our products. We use electrolytically refined oxygen free cathode copper of 99.99% purity ensuring the quality of cables as international standard. In addition, there exists a modern computerized laboratory equipped with latest equipment of USA and German origin to determine the electrical, mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the materials and the products. By virtue of consistent quality of products and implementation of quality management system, our company has earned the name and fame throughout Bangladesh and even beyond. Our product demand is continuously increasing considerably.

Above all, we express our firm commitment to provide quality cables to the customers at large and earn their ultimate satisfaction.